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Friday, 11 May 2012

Welcome To GFA2013 project


Our pilot project will improve the lives of high school students in an impoverished community in/near Tirana, Albania. Albania’s capital, Tirana, has experienced much internal migration from less developed regions of the country. As a result, Tirana’s population has mushroomed dramatically over the last 15 years making services like education difficult. Schools are both crowded and underserviced.

GFA will help foster and promote, in tandem with its onsite partner(s), sustainable community change. The pilot project will simultaneously allow its volunteer participants to act as humanitarians, practise social responsibility, and perpetuate positive growth in a developing nation.

To do this, our project pilot team will create and implement a 2-week Outreach Program consisting of 4 modules; approximately 25 of our team members will launch the project onsite in Albania, May 2013.

The team will also collaborate with a local NGO, university, government bodies, social service organization, etc. (TBD) to continue with the cultivation process post our teams’ return. Our team will provide the intensive two weeks of modules and activities while our onsite partner(s) will ensure year-long continuity of our project and goals.

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